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Thank you for visiting our website. As a dog mum myself, I want quality products for my fur babies and have decided to pull together all my good finds here on my website for you to treat your babies too. We are striving to become your one stop dog shop! See below some of our Special Offers and Limited Stock Items and keep checking back for more Fabulous Gifts and Treats!


HOTTERdog Fleece Jumpers have Landed!!

  • HOTTERdog Fleece Jumpers

    HOTTERdog Fleece Jumpers

    From: £17.50
    **BACK IN STOCK NOW** Strap-free with no pressure points, the jumper is suited for short and long-term wear. Not only is the fleece water-repellent and washable but also it is extremely effective for drying off wet dogs such as working dogs or after swimming or hydrotherapy.
    Extra Small
    Extra Large
  • ANCOL Cooling Coat

    ANCOL Cooling Coat

    From: £20.00
    Hot and bothered dogs will be instantly refreshed by the Ancol Pet Cooling Vest
    XL 60cm
    XXL 70cm
  • Beef Trachea 200g

    Beef Trachea 200g

    Delicious and easily digestible for pups (over 12 weeks) and older dogs, they’re packed full of nutrition too.
  • LickiMat Splash  19cm

    LickiMat Splash 19cm

    LICKIMAT SPLASH Makes bath time, grooming and vets visits fun!
  • Natu Tripe  Bone

    Natu Tripe Bone

    From: £4.00
    Packed with nutrients and great for maintaining a healthy gut, JR’s NatuTripe makes for a very special treat for your dog. Often considered the very best treat you can possibly give, tripe is naturally healthy and totally irresistible
    2 X 4" Bone
    5" Bone
    6" Bone
  • Natural Hairy Rabbit Ears 100g

    Natural Hairy Rabbit Ears 100g

    Low in odour and fat, rabbits ears are also high in protein and help with teeth cleaning and very popular with dogs big and small.
  • Pigs Ears X 3

    Pigs Ears X 3

    Pigs Ears are easily digestible, the high cartilage content will strengthen jaw muscles and help with teeth cleaning.
  • Sprat Bites 200g

    Sprat Bites 200g

    Air dried and packed with Omega 3 and 6 fish oils, which promotes a healthy skin and coat, ideal for feeding daily. Simply irresistible!