Pre-Loved Apparel

These Pre-Loved Jumpers, Fleeces and Coats still have plenty of miles in them yet. They have been lovingly worn by dogs throughout the uk and have been well looked after in the process. They have been worn, washed and passed on for the future generation of Apparel wearing canines and the price reflects this. Each and every one is in a good wearable condition and will still keep your four legged friend cosy and warm in extreme climates or cold bed times.

if you have a Pre - Loved Jumper or Fleece that you'd like to pass on you can email for details on this scheme. Payments for Pre - Loved Apparel will be made by a Fab Treats Voucher Code that you can spend at your leisure on this 

​​​​​​​........SMALLS NEEDED........MEDIUMS NEEDED....LARGES NEEDED........

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